Fare City 2.0 Submitted to Apple

This morning I submitted the latest update of Fare City to Apple for review. All being well it should be in the App Store within the week.

The headline feature is a new game mode called Crazy Cabs. By simplifying the game mechanics, Crazy Cabs offers a whole new experience in terms of game play which we think you will love. Instead of controlling a taxi fleet you have to deal with a continuous stream of cabs arriving already laden with passengers. Your job is “simply” to get each cab to its drop-off point and then have it leave without accident. Of course, the taxis arrive at an increasing rate so pressure builds until the game really starts to live up its name! Even if you are growing tired of Fare City you really should give Crazy Cabs a spin. It is like a whole new game for free.

Although Fare City is the type of game that many people can just pick up and play, we have noticed in play tests that some people really benefit from a few handy tips when starting out. So Fare City 2.0 includes a fully playable walkthrough tutorial. Even if you are an old hand at the game you should check it out – it looks gorgeous!

The other major changes have come in the UI. The game selection screen has been made (we hope) a little more intuitive, while the stats screen has had a complete overhaul so stats browsing is much easier.

New maps? Well, no, not in this release. Sorry. All I can say is, “soon, very soon…”

Oh, but I almost forgot – there is one more thing; not in Fare City itself, but in the free edition. Up until now it has been a try-before-you-buy, time restricted demo of the full game. Not any more! In 2.0 Fare City Free includes the full, original Classic game on the Downtown map. We’ve even thrown in Rookie mode, the tutorial and Open Feint leaderboards. Our hope is that people will find the free edition a much more satisfying experience (and want the whole experience of the full version :-)).

And while we are all here – yes, there is an iPad version under development…