Another Friday, another release

Version 1.0.2 of Fare City was submitted to Apple today. Hopefully this brings an end to the problems we’ve had with our leaderboard. Basically we have restricted the leaderboard to the top 1000 entries, though you can still see your own ranking using the “My Scores” filter. It all looks very nice and I think provides a great solution for the time being.

Next week I expect to get back to work on version 1.1. One of the central features of that release will be a new high-score service. At the moment we are evaluating the different options, with Open Feint and Scoreloop as the front runners. If any players have strong opinions on which is better you can drop us an email through the support page. Thanks.

Fare City continues to get great reviews from players and review sites, overwhelming 5 stars. This is a great encouragement as it is quite a slog as an independent developer to get the word out there. We also monitor Twitter and it is exciting to find people posting about the game.

OK, this is becoming an end of the week ramble. Time to stop.

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