Fare City awarded New and Noteworthy game by Apple

Welcome to Fare City: where the city never sleeps and the taxis rule the streets!

It’s the evening shift at Fare City Taxis. Soon the city will come alive as the downtown crowds party the night away. As the new dispatcher it’s your job to get them where they need to go pronto. Next fare is in a New York minute…

Fare City is an awesomely addictive game of chaos management. Do you have what it takes to keep your fleet of taxis running smoothly? Are you quick enough to earn those big bonuses? Can you stand the pace when one uninsured accident can ruin your day?

Next fare is in a New York minute…


“absolutely gorgeous design of the game”

“If you enjoy line drawing games, this is by far my most favorite that I have tried.
For a cheap price, it is definitely worth grabbing. Check it out.”

– Erik Fikkert,

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“it’s time to usher in Fare City into your iPhone/iPod touch. It’s here to stay.”

“It’s simple, innovative and challenging and combines all the great elements of Flight Control,
Harbor Master, and Traffic Rush into a remarkable taxi driving app that’s a thrill to play.”

– Daniel Wong,


App Data

“The app has absolutely no downside” 

Ilan Avineri,

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Fare City Features

Simple Controls

Fare City is an addictive ‘line drawing’ game with easy touch and drag routing. The simple control system offers plenty of power moves including “wrap-around” routing, u-turns and emergency braking.

Addictive Gameplay

Fare City is easy to pick up and the increasingly hectic pace makes it hard to put down. And with normal, turbo and nitro taxi speeds, there’s a pace to suit any play style. Don’t be shy, give nitro a try!

4 Beautiful Maps

The Downtown map is the classic urban grid with plenty of route choices for the speeding cabbie. Metrotown is a more suburban setting with a more challenging layout – and keep an eye out for that train! Then don’t get lost in The Maze, full of twisting streets and back lanes; and with a police car for good measure. Finally Harborside offers a tranquil escape to the country-side; just make sure you attend to the arriving ferry passengers…

4 Game Modes

Classic is the original (and some might argue the best). Rookie slows things down a little for those who want things a little less hectic. Time Trial will have your heart pumping as you race against the clock to deliver those fares before the time is up!

And then there is Crazy Cabs…

Crazy Cabs simplifies the game control allowing the player to focus on the task of delivering fares while at the same time upping the game tempo, leading to truly frenetic action as the game progresses. It is like a whole new game for free!

Elegant Design

The game auto-saves and reloads, keeps track of your stats, remembers your sound preferences, lets you play your own music and looks great with a jazzy style and tune.

Open Feint

The Open Feint social network is fully integrated, offering multiple online leaderboards, unlockable achievements, friends list, and Twitter and Facebook integration.
(some features require internet connection)

Challenge Your Friends

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. Email challenges directly from the game, along with a screenshot of your high score. If you’re the best, let your friends know!
(requires internet connection and an email configured device)