Of shifting leaderboards and news of Fare City 1.1

Anyone bothering to follow my blog (you have my sympathy) will know the issue we have with Fare City’s leaderboard. Capped at displaying only the top 1,000 entries, two days ago we passed 2,000 with a slow but steady growth pattern. Clearly we need a new service, and we need it sooner rather than later.

So this week I have been having fun with alternative suppliers. To keep the story short we have settled on Open Feint as our new service. Although I will miss seeing all the different country flags on the leaderboard, OF is bringing many benefits, including multiple leaderboards, achievements, challenges (if I can figure out how to do them well in Fare City), plus all that great social gaming network stuff of friends lists, comparing games, etc.

Current timeline for all this new goodness is about two weeks, plus Apple approval time. Unfortunately that still means a probable four weeks before the players finally get it, but good things take time.

However, a new leaderboard is not the only thing to look forward to in 1.1. I can now confirm that there will definitely be a new map that will bring some new challenges to the game. We are also hoping to squeeze in some other goodies, but only if it can be done in the two-week timetable.

Before then, the lite version is nearly ready for submission to Apple. We hope this will allow us to reach a much wider audience for the game (and result in lots of upgrades to the paid version!).

In other non-news, there is still no word from Apple on 1.0.2. Hopefully they won’t take much longer. I’m sure everyone will be glad to see the back of the parsing error message!

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