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“absolutely gorgeous design of the game”

“If you enjoy line drawing games, this is by far my most favorite that I have tried.
For a cheap price, it is definitely worth grabbing. Check it out.”

– Erik Fikkert,


“it’s time to usher in Fare City into your iPhone/iPod touch. It’s here to stay.”

It’s simple, innovative and challenging and combines all the great elements of Flight Control, Harbor Master, and Traffic Rush into a remarkable taxi driving app that’s a thrill to play. If you’re one of the gamers who haven’t gotten into these kinds of games, you should definitely give “Fare City: First Shift” a fair shake. And for those who love Flight Control and Harbor Master, well it’s time to usher in Fare City into your iPhone/iPod touch. It’s here to stay.


“What really sets apart Fair City from the others is its level of polish”

“Are you looking for a highly polished stylized Flight Control type game with a Taxi twist? Then Fair city is for you.”

– Ryan Filsinger,

App Data

“I don’t see myself ever taking this off my iphone”

“The app is a new spin on the classic line-drawing game, and will keep you entertained for hours.
The app has absolutely no downside and nothing to be said about it but praise.”

– Ilan Avineri,


“sure to climb up the ladder”

“a terrific, fast and entertaining game that has plentiful upgrades to look forward to.”

– Ravin,




– EntryPostMan,


“I love the graphics style in this game” 8.5/10

“another good iteration of the line drawing genre and one I found quite fun”

– Walsh08,


Chosen App of the Day “誘導アプリ好きには必見!”

“このアプリは買いだと思いますっ!特に、Flight Control系が好きな人は絶対にハマるかと思います。”

– ゆきの iPhone・iPod Touch・iPod 面白アプリ



“お客さんを速やかに指定の場所まで運び続けるタクシーゲーム「Fare City」”

– iPhone&Pod&Touch Station


“If you like Flight Control type games, check out Fare City. Very cool.”

– Mark Jardine, TapBots makers of Weightbot and Convertbot


“Great little iPhone game that’ll have you hooked after the first play”

– Tim Van Damme, MaxVoltar

Excellent line drawing game

“Line drawing games are quickly becoming a new and popular genre in the appstore. This is an excellent example of a line drawing game that is both fun and easy to pick up. Two of the excellent additions in this game are the collision insurance and the bonus multipliers: Collision insurance prevents the very annoying “one crash and you are out” type game endings that you find in other popular games. Bonus multipliers are gained if you pick up/drop off your customers faster and therefore it is a great reward mechanism rather than earning standard amount of points no matter how fast you are. On top of the excellent and smooth game play, the graphics and sound are very well executed. Overall, Fare City is definitely a strong contender to become the top of the pack in the line drawing genre.”

A great game!

“Endless hours of gameplay here but be warned…… it’s very addictive, u’ll find urself hooked on this game for ages at a time”

Addictive little game

“A great way to kill some time on the bus. Looking at the high score list is a little frustrating, how do people get scores that high. Wowwwwww ;)”

(Finkly: we know how you feel! Current Fare City Champion AdamHan is the first to top 2,000 in only 14 minutes – we’re astonished ourselves. See Leaderboard for details.)

The way it’s supposed to be done

“Fare City is ridiculously high quality for the .99 cents you pay for it. It’s sleek and downright just works… Very addicting…”

You should purchase Fare City now. Twice, even.

“Fare City is, in my opinion, not only one of the best line-drawing games available on the platform, but one of the best games overall.”

Haven’t we seen this game before? Not exactly.

“There is no denying that this game is very similar in style to the game, Taxi Jam, but I noticed a few unique aspects (as well as hearing folk here point out stuff I missed):  -Score multipliers! Deliver multiple fares in quick succession without an accident to get bigger points (each fare was always 1 in TJ). -Two lane roads! This should make avoiding collisions a little easier…but since the cabs are always moving, maybe not. -More randomized drop off points! In Taxi Jam you could pickup folk from anywhere but always delivered them at one of 5 or so set positions, here it looks like you could be expected to deliver a fare anywhere on the map. -Wrap around map! Not necessarily realistic but handy (so far just the one grid map). -Angry customers won’t end the game for you but will mess with your score and therefore make it harder to earn more insurance (extra lives). -Extra cabs are added at set intervals from a random direction. -The cabs never stop (well actually you can tap on one to have it stop in place for about 5 seconds), but other than that they’ll always be on the move warping from one edge to the opposite one.”


“Let’s keep this review simple. This the best line drawing game I have ever played. It’s is well polished in everyway. Gameplay, gfx, and even the sound and music are superb. You won’t regret adding this one to your app list.”

It keeps me coming back

“I love the simplicity and yet it the game has a lot of depth, double lanes, the wrap around is very innovative, taxi’s slow down at a junction if another cab is passing by. The dark silhouette background helps when you are managing cabs with various colours.”

Best game of this genre

“This game is by far my favorite line-drawing game on the iPhone.  There are so many features implemented that make this game better and give it more replay value compared to others. Collision insurance is probably the best part since your game doesn’t end if you crash, but you do have to earn insurance points, rightfully so. I also love the two lane roads, which seem to make it more challenging but definitely more fun giving you more room for taxis to drive on the screen. Being able to stop a taxi for 5 seconds is also extremely useful.  The gameplay is incredibly smooth and the graphics are very well done. I love how many different colors are used for different fares.”

Just GREAT! 

“Farecity is a joy to play. The controls are perfect as are the expensive looking graphics. From the tutorial slides to the actual game, the overall theme and colors are magnificient! Gameplay is rock solid and keeps me coming back for more. The line drawing controls are pefect as well. Really, really good game and well worth the price (heck I think you could charge more!)”

Better than Flight Control!

“It’s an excellent variation and stands on it’s own merits. The jazzy music built in is very funky too! Toe-tapping stuff!”

Buy it

“One of the best games I have. Definitely worth buying.”


“Le jeu iPhone par excellence: joli, simple, innovant et extrêmement accrocheur! Si vous avez du temps à perdre, à ne manquer sous aucun pretexte…”

Lots of fun!

“If you like games like Flight Control you’ll love this game. Very well done.”

Awesome Game!!!

“Seriously, this game is the perfect puzzle game for the iphone. It’s definitely worth a buy. I can’t explain how slick the gameplay is. Really fun and smooth… Love this game.”


“Heel erg goed! Beter dan flight control!!! Must buy!!!”


“Really addictive!! As good as or even better than flight control”


“Great game, great graphics, all around good job!!”


“Ehdottomasti paras reitin piirtopeli. Nätit grafiikat ja kelpo hinta. Todella koukuttava. Suosittelen!”

Awesome game!

“This game is a lot of fun and highly addictive. It’s easy to pick up any time but challenging enough to keep you interested!”

Flight Control好きには是非とも!

“Flight Controlを好きならこのゲームも気に入るはず! 決してFlight Controlのマネとかではないが、ゲームの内容的として似た部類に入ります。ただ今度は限られた道路と言うルート内で、まちまちに指定される客の行く先へ無事に送り届けるのは、自由なルートを選べる飛行機とはまた違ったスリル&面白さがあります。飛行機の次にチャレンジするのならコレはお薦めです。 但し、目は疲れます!くれぐれも記録アタックの時には休養十分で望んで下さい!U ^・^ U”

Addictive and slick

“It’s fantasticly fun and addictive, also looks and sounds great, highly polished!”

Magnifique et addictif !

“Je ne saurai trop vous conseiller ce jeu d’une très belle réalisation (très graphique et épurée) et d’un concept de jeu qui fait mouche : très bien adapté à la plateforme iPhone/iPod Touch, il vous faudra déterminer les routes pour chacun de vos taxis en prenant soin d’éviter les collisions et de prendre en charges tous les clients : imaginez-vous avec 6-7 taxis… ça vous suffira pour éprouvé vos reflexes et votre dextérité. Les parties sont courtes (très bien dans les moments d’attentes) mais il y a un goût de “reviens-y” !”

Meine Empfehlung: Kaufen!

“Ich finde dies ist einer der besten Flight Control = aehnlichen Spiele im AppStore. Sehr schoene Umsetzung…”

FUN and challenging

“DEFINITELY worth the 99 cents… easy to pick up… but challenging… this game keeps you on your toes! Fun to play on the go! Lovin the soundtrack… well put togeher :)”

Trop cool!

“Très bon jeu pour se vider la tête car on est obligé de se concentrer pour ne pas perdre la partie en moins de deux minutes… facilité avec laquelle on conduit les taxis… musique est originale et sympa… ”

Great game!

“Clean graphics, stimulating game play, and simple objectives. Very well executed!”

Very fun, awesome graphics

“This game looks so polished… Gameplay is very easy and fun as well. This game gets more play time than any others I have… highly recommended!”




“This is an excellent but simple game with nice intuitive touch, sorry the pun!… Great. Simple. FUN! Give this app a whirl, with further updates, this could be a potential Home Screen App! :)”

Bel gioco!

“Sempre sul genere di flight control, ecc. Ma questo offre qualcosa in più degli altri, vi parlo avendo provato anche altri giochi dello stesso genere, questo è anche aiutato da una grafica molto curata, e secondo me è il migliore del suo genere!”

Addictive Game

“I love this game! … Simple to learn, fast paced, challenging, family friendly and utterly addictive.”


“Fin design og enkelt gameplay. Selv om det blir ganske komplisert etter hvert. Vell verdt 6 kr.”


“A really fun App, gets really addicting!”

Fun combination of taxi games and traffic management games

“Easy to pick up. The taxi AI does a good job of following your path. … Fun game.”

Great game

“… Flight Control and Harbor Master on wheels with a twist.”

Fun fun fun

“… let me tell you this is high quality gaming right there. … music and sounds are great … excellent use of the touch screen … That’s one of those game you get addicted to. 5/5 must buy.”

Fare City

“ist ein gutes spiel auf jedenfall sein geld wert ;D”

Simple. Fun. Beautiful

“Excellent game! The graphics are amazing. The music is catchy, and the game iteself is a lot of manic fun. Easily one of the best things I’ve ever spent a buck on”


“Bon jeu et pas chere ”

Gorgeous game

“Very nicely put together … easy to learn but interesting enough to play for many hours. … this game may earn one of my coveted two spaces on my top home screen reserved for games.”

Fun simple game

“Fun simple game that gets more challenging as more taxis enter into play”


“It’s like a mix between Flight Control and Harbor Master with a huge awesome twist that makes it a lot more challenging but also a lot more addicting”

Simple yet fun

“Simple and easy to learn, yet fun and entertaining gameplay”

This game is AWESOME!!! 

“This game is super addicting! I am completely pleased with this purchase. I HIGHLY recommend buying it!”

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