Update: 1.0.2 is now available:

Fare City 1.0.2 has now been approved by Apple and is ready for download.

New in this version:

• Introducing the world’s “Top 1000 Leaderboard”
• View your high score and ranking achieved in “My Scores”


• Fixed ‘parsing error’ when submitting scores

Coming Soon: Version 1.1

Version 1.1 is the first proper update to the game and it’s going to be a big one! Work is progressing well and we can confirm the following new features:

• A whole new online experience with support for Open Feint. This will expand the global leaderboard to include multiple boards, friends lists, off-line viewing, and much more. It also brings an achievement system so there will be yet more reasons to keep playing.
• A new map. Fare City is a big place so why limit ourselves to Downtown? The new map’s location is still secret (we don’t want any sightseers getting in the way of the design crew) but we can tell you that it is just the first of a series of districts that will be made available over time.
• A new … oh, sorry, we are not allowed to tell you that yet! More details will be coming soon.

To keep up with all the news on the new version follow us on Twitter @farecity or on Facebook

A big thanks to everyone for playing Fare City!

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at


Which devices are supported?

Fare City has been tested on all iPhone and iPod Touch models, including first generation iPod Touch.

Which iPhone OS versions are supported?

Fare City supports OS 2.2.1, 3.0 and 3.1.

Does the iPhone OS version affect the game?

Fare City plays the same on all supported versions of the OS. The behavior of the challenge mail is different between OS 2.2.1 and later versions; see “How do I issue a challenge to a friend?” for more information.

Game Play

What is the objective of the game?

Your aim is to use your taxis to collect money (i.e. score) by picking up fares and delivering them to their destinations. You must keep the taxis apart as a collision without insurance will end the game.

How do I score?

You score by successfully delivering a fare to their destination. The amount you get depends on the value of the fare and the bonus multiplier at the time of drop-off.

Can I pause a game?

Yes, there is a pause button in the bottom-left corner of the game screen.

Can I save a game?

The game is automatically saved if you exit the game during play, for example to answer an incoming call or by pressing the home button. The next time Fare City is started it will automatically reload the saved game and display the game-paused screen.

Can I quit a game?

You can exit Fare City at anytime and the game in progress will be saved. To quit a game without finishing, pause the game and touch the “Menu” button, then confirm that you wish to quit.

Can I control the speed of the game?

Yes, there is a game speed button in the bottom-right corner of the game screen. A single tap will toggle between normal and turbo mode (50% faster). A double tap will go to nitro mode (100% faster). When in nitro a single tap will return to normal mode, and a double tap will go to turbo mode.

Game speed has a significant effect on scoring so it is a good idea to change up the speed whenever you feel you can handle it (but don’t forget to slow things down if life gets too crazy).


How do I control a taxi?

Taxis are controlled by simply touching the taxi and dragging out the route you want the taxi to take. The resulting route is shown as a line on screen (ending in a small reticule). If end of the route connects with a fare it will become colored to match (as will the taxi).

You can redirect a taxi that has an existing route touching the taxi and dragging a different route.
You can also extend or alter a route by touching and dragging the end reticule.

Can I use the accelerometer to control a taxi?

No. Although the iPhone has a great accelerometer, it is not right for this type of game, particularly when you have more than one taxi on screen!

What maneuvers can I get the taxis to do?

Apart from the basic touch and drag control, there are also some power moves available.

Touching and dragging a taxi in the reverse direction will result in a u-turn. (Watch out for other nearby vehicles. A u-turn in a busy street is not always a good idea!)

Touching and dragging a taxi in an intersection will result in a turn maneuver to follow the new route. (Depending on the required change of direction, this can lead to some funky turning so be sure there is plenty of room.)

Dragging and then releasing a route in an exit road will result in the route wrapping to the corresponding entrance road on the other side of the map. This allows you to create short-cuts to fares that are “right across town”.

Tapping a taxi will trigger an emergency stop, ideal for tight situations. However, the taxi will only wait for five “taxi seconds” (i.e. the time is affected by the game speed) before starting again so it is only a temporary solution. If you want the taxi to move off again sooner just tap it again before the count finishes.

How come the taxi doesn’t always follow my touch?

Unfortunately the iPhone’s touch screen is not a mouse pointer and your finger is certainly not one pixel in size! Fare City does its best to figure out the route you are drawing but sometimes it just has to guess on which to go around a block.

What happens to taxis that aren’t following a route?

In Fare City a taxi is never truly idle so if it has nothing better to do it will just cruise the street it’s on until the dispatcher calls. Conveniently Fare City is surround by a strange temporal distortion field so all roads lead back to downtown without the bored cabbie ever needing to turn the steering wheel.

What happens to taxis that leave the map?

They come back in on the opposite side of the map! To avoid surprises a little warning sign will flash in front of the incoming vehicle. Needless to say, it is advisable to keep track of these things – there is very little time to react if there is another taxi in the area (particularly in nitro speed)!

What is the time interval between new taxis?

Obviously, the first taxi arrives on screen at the start of the game. The second taxi will turn up 30 seconds into the game (though the time is somewhat shorter if using the faster game speeds). The third arrives 60 seconds after that, the fourth 90 seconds later, and so forth. As mentioned, it is slightly quicker with the faster game speeds but it is not affected by the score.

There is an exception to this rule. If a collision is covered by insurance you will continue the game with two less taxis. As this leaves you short-staffed two new taxis will be rushed in to fill the gap. The first arrives about five seconds after the debris has been cleared away (imagine an emergency-response cabbie ready to scramble as soon as the call comes in). The second replacement appears 30 seconds later. (They had to finish their coffee first!)

Is there a limit to the number of taxis?

Yes and no. There is no limit within the game itself so if you can handle it (and can play all night) you can play with hundreds of them. However, practically it is very difficult to deal with more than ten so some fields (such as the statistics screen) are limited in how many can be shown. If you do break any of limits let us know and we can celebrate together…


How do I pick up a fare?

Touch and drag a taxi route to the pick-up will direct the taxi to pick up the fare. (The taxi and route will get colored to match the fare so you can tell when a pick-up will occur.) Only connected taxis will pick up – Fare City taxis always operate through you, the dispatcher.

Note that only empty (white) taxis can pick up. There is no ride sharing in Fare City (at least in the 1.0 game mode…).

How do I drop off a fare?

Taxis that have picked up a fare will retain their color. The drop-off destination will appear on the map as an arrow of the matching color (with pulsating rings to make them easier to spot). Touch and drag the taxi route to connect to the drop-off. As with pick up, the taxi must be directed to the drop-off. The taxi will not stop if it happens to drive by the location (probably much to the annoyance of the passenger).

What are the numbers on the pick-up fare icons?

This is the base value of the fare, between one and four depending on the distance to the drop-off destination. The actual received fare also depends on the bonus multiplier.

Can fares expire?

Fares will not wait forever to be picked up. They will hang around for about 90 seconds before giving up, and there are three animations to help you spot those who are losing patience:

• Waving – it has been quite some time and their smile is beginning to fade;
• Jumping – definitely annoyed now;
• Blinking – let’s just say that you had better pick them up pronto, OK?

On the other hand, once a fare is in a taxi it will never expire, no matter how long it takes the taxi to reach its destination. (Your taxis are really comfortable.)

Can I stop a fare expiring?

You can stop a fare expiring by connecting a route to it. It doesn’t matter how long the tax will take to reach the fare, just so long as the route remains connected. If the connection is broken because you reroute the taxi (or it is involved in a collision) the fare’s countdown will continue from the point when the connection was made.

Should I care about fares expiring?

An expired fare has a couple of negative consequences. First, a penalty must be paid, equivalent to the base value of the fare. Second, some points are removed from the bonus tally, which may result in a drop in the bonus multiplier.

Why does a successful drop-off show a dollar value greater than the pick-up number?

The actual fare value is the base value (as shown on the pick-up) multiplied by the bonus multiplier. So a pick-up of value 3 would be worth $12 if the multiplier is x4 at drop-off.


What bonuses can I get?

The main bonus is the bonus multiplier, which rewards the player who can keep their taxis busy, and play at speed. There is also collision insurance that is awarded for achieving certain scores.

How do I get a bonus multiplier?

Every time a fare is successfully dropped off points are added to a bonus tally. The number of points depends several factors, including the pick-up value, the number of taxis in play and the game speed. As the tally increases it will cause the bonus meter to light up and trigger the multiplier to rise to x2, x3, x4 and finally x5.

How do I lose a bonus multiplier?

The bonus tally is being continually eroded by the passing of time so a slowdown in fare deliveries will see the bonus meter drop and the loss of the multiplier. Expiring fares will also reduce the tally. Finally, a collision will completely reset the bonus tally, so even with insurance it is still a very costly mistake.

How can I improve my bonus?

Basically, keep your taxis busy. Don’t let them cruise around, and don’t continually direct them to faraway fares. Also remember that game speed affects the bonus calculations, so playing in the faster modes has a compounding effect as the taxis work faster and each fare is worth more to the bonus tally. (Of course, that won’t do you much good if you crash…)


What are the stars in the score bar?

The game finishes when two taxis collide. However, it is possible to receive collision insurance that will allow you to continue playing after a collision. Each illuminated star represents an insurance policy.

How do I get an insurance star?

Insurance is awarded for reaching certain scores. The first is for $50 and the second for $200, with subsequent stars coming at increasing intervals.

Can I lose an insurance star?

Insurance cannot be lost (as in “where did I put that policy?”) but it can be used (as in “Oh ****!”). Every collision will consume one star (even though two taxis are lost). However, be warned, it is possible to have multiple-vehicle pile-ups and each successive crunch will cost another star – so they are best avoided…

What happens if I fill up all the stars?

Give yourself a pat on the back! Seriously, although only five stars are shown the game will continue to track additional insurance awards. That said, you do need a rather large score for the fifth star anyway.


Why do I see fireworks at game-over sometimes?

Fare City keeps track of various statistics, including high score. Whenever you end a game with a new personal best, we like to have a little fireworks celebration. If you don’t break your record then we’re afraid you don’t get the fireworks.

How can I see my high score?

You can access the statistics screen through the “stats” button on the start screen and the game-over screen. (This also shows other numbers that you might find interesting.)

Can I reset my statistics?

You can reset your statistics by touching the reset button on the statistics screen, and confirming the reset. You cannot reset your entry on the global leaderboard, but any pending high score will be deleted.

Are statistics kept separately for each player?

No, statistics are kept for the device, not the individual player.

Global Leaderboard

How can I submit my score to the leaderboard?

Fare City includes a global leaderboard service so you can compare your score with other players around the world. When you achieve a new personal high score the game-over screen will include a “Submit” button that will take you to the submit screen.
You will need to provide a player name that will appear on the leaderboard. The name is restricted to a maximum of 16 alphanumeric characters. (The first character cannot be a numeral.) Once entered the name will be remembered for future submissions, though you can change the name if you wish.

Please note that the leaderboard is hosted by a web server so any postings will be visible to anyone with web access, not just players of Fare City. We reserve the right to remove any entries that may cause offense.

If I forget to submit my score can I do it later?

Yes. In addition to the game-over screen there is a submit button on the statistics screen whenever there is a high score available for submission.

Note that resetting the statistics will delete any pending high score.

Why is there only one entry on the leaderboard when I submitted several scores?

The leaderboard is not a high score table – only a player’s highest score is shown.

Where can I view the leaderboard?

The leaderboard can be viewed in the game by going to the statistics screen and touching the “view leaderboard” button. It is also available on this website and at

Can I see only the scores submitted from my device?

Yes, touch the “Personal” button on the leaderboard screen.

What if someone else uses my player name?

The leaderboard is intended to be a convenient and fun way to share high-scores. Therefore players are not required to register a unique tag. The downside is that two players can submit using the same name. However, the leaderboard distinguishes submissions from different devices so both high scores will show up, they do not overwrite each other.

Issuing Challenges

How do I issue a challenge to a friend?

It is possible to send an email challenge to a friend (or friends) by touching the mail button on the statistics screen. In OS 3.0 and above this will provide a mail composer screen with a prepared email containing information about your score, Fare City, and a screen shot of your winning game-over screen. All you need to do is select addresses from your address book and send the email.

On devices running OS 2.2.1 the mail button will switch from the game to the mail application with a prepared email. Unfortunately it is not possible to include the screen shot in this case.

Please note that in either case, email challenge will only work if mail is set up on the device.

I had a great score but forgot to challenge before playing again, have I missed my chance?

Fare City retains information on the highest score so you can always issue a challenge with your best score. (Note that resetting the statistics will erase the high score information.)

Why is the score in the challenge email different to my last game?

The email challenge always includes information on your highest score, not the last game played.

I don’t have mail set up on my device, is there another way to send a challenge?

Unfortunately there is no alternative challenge mechanism at this time.